What is Adult Faith Formation? 

Adult Faith Formation is simply the continual commitment by adult Catholics to strengthen their discipleship in Jesus Christ through ongoing catechesis, prayer, sacrament, and service. At St. Aloysius, we welcome all our adult members of the parish to join our R.C.I.A. sessions this September as an introduction to Adult Faith Formation. Even though R.C.I.A. is designed for those seeking full initiation in the Catholic Church, adult Catholics can very much benefit from the catechetical and liturgical process. 

Specifically, R.C.I.A. this year will begin with the Great Adventure Bible Study published by Ascension Press. The Great Adventure is the most popular bible study in the Catholic Church today due to its attractive visual and interactive format. The program integrates DVD-based learning and visual learning with the traditional lecture and discussion-based format. In short, it provides the participant with approach to studying the bible that includes academic, spiritual, and interpersonal method and content. Essential to Great Adventure is an excellent timeline that outlines and makes clear salvation history, which is the context in which the bible needs to be read. 

After the 8-week Great Adventure Bible Study, R.C.I.A. will then move to a study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This study will include lectures, discussion groups, and a new and exciting DVD series called 'Symbolon' which is published by the Augustine Institute. Catholics of any theological background can greatly benefit from this new program. Not only that, but committed Catholics can also provide our R.C.I.A. participants with the important witness of practicing the faith. 

Basics of Adult Faith Formation

The basics of Adult Faith Formation for any adult Catholic is and always will be fulfilling, prayerfully and intentionally, the precepts of Catholic discipleship. These include 1) to attend  Holy Mass on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation 2) the sacramental confession of sins once per year 3) to receive Holy Communion once in the Easter Season (in the U.S. this has been expanded to mean from the first Sunday of Lent to Holy Trinity Sunday) 4) to observe all days of fasting and abstinence 5) to help provide for the needs of the Church (CCC 2041-2043). 

Without this basic practice of the faith, especially in seeking Christ in his Eucharistic Body and Blood, which is the source and summit of the Christian life, any other faith formation effort would be in vain. Christ teaches us that he will be with us always, even until the end of the age (Mat. 28: 20). His remaining with us means precisely the sacraments and prayer of the Church. His grace enters our hearts and souls, sanctifying us and cleansing us of sins, through the sacraments. Therefore, it is recommended that in seeking further faith formation one is always mindful to persevere in prayer and in the sacramental life of the Church. 


Thursday Morning Adult Faith Formation: Please join us in the parish center every Thursday at 10:15 am as we learn more about the Catholic faith and sacred scripture. A dynamic, DVD-based program is typically used for the first part of class, and is followed by a lively and engaging discussion. Please bring a bible and a catechism if able. 

RCIA: Even though RCIA is technically for non-Catholics and Catholics preparing to receive one or all of the sacraments of initiation, we always welcome parishioners who would like to attend in order to learn more about the basics of the faith, and to participate in small group discussion. Starting in September, RCIA will meet every Wednesday at 7 pm in the parish center. 

We also invite parishioners with well-grounded and sound catechetical training to offer their services in leading a bible study, a study of the catechism,  or a small group discussion/prayer group. If you feel inspired and prepared to lead a faith formation group, please contact the director of faith formation, whose information is below. 

Men's Spirituality Group: More information here

Women's Spirituality Group: More information here


Basics of the Faith