StAY Code of Conduct

1)     I agree to respect the rights and property of others. I understand that neither vandalism nor stealing will be tolerated.  Any violations of civil law will be dealt with severely by both Parish leadership and civil authorities.  Financial obligations that result from such behavior will be the sole responsibility of myself and my family.

2)     I agree to respect adult & student leaders and other participants by demonstrating Christian values by my language and behavior.

3)     I understand that inappropriate physical contact will not be tolerated.

4)     I agree not to possess any illicit or illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or other illicit or illegal items that would endanger the lives of others or the property of others.

5)     I agree to dress appropriately. I understand that this prohibits short shorts, tank tops, any clothing with inappropriate writing, clothing that exposes the mid-drift or undergarments, or that has any reference to profanity or tobacco or alcohol products including insignias or advertisements.  Determination of appropriate clothing will be at the discretion and judgment of StAY adult leaders.

6)     I will act as a lady or gentleman and refrain from any sexual misconduct.

7)     I will not leave an event, unless my adult leader grants permission.

8)     I will refrain from the use of electronic devices during gatherings and events, unless permission is given otherwise.  I also agree to silence my electronic device(s) during events and will only use them when appropriate.

9)     I will be open to building new relationships with my peers and adult leaders.

10)I agree that the adult leaders of StAY will determine and demonstrate what is considered appropriate behavior, and I agree to comply with their directives.