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"Lenten Connection" is a program for the Season of Lent that offers Parishioners simple practices to put into action.  Simple tasks are placed inside envelopes and will be available in the Gathering Center in baskets each week of Lent.  Parishioners are encouraged to take an envelope from the one basket and commit to whatever task they find inside the envelope for that week.  After you complete the task, you are asked to return the task inside the envelope back to return basket in the Gathering Center and take an envelope for the following week.  Envelopes will be refreshed every Wednesday in time for the Soup Supper and will remain out over the course of the weekend until the following Wednesday.  Although there may be some repetitive tasks, most will be unique each week.  The first set of envelopes will be available on Ash Wednesday, March 1st.

If you have any questions regarding "Lenten Connection", please contact Fr. Steve Paolino