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Youth Minister                                            Fr. Stephen Paolino
Phone: 610-326-5877 ext. 433

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Envelopes numbered from 1-144 will be placed on a large bulletin board.  Parishioners will be asked to commit to taking an envelope (or more than one). By taking an envelope, it means that they are volunteering to being responsible for coming up with the dollar amount on that numbered envelope. So, if you have the number 1, you are committing to collecting or donating $1.  For 2, $2 and so on.  The highest numbered envelope is 144, so the maximum commitment is $144. It is up to the person taking the envelope how the money is collected.   Most people will be looking to simply make the donation alone.  For others, they may ask several others to help make the donation.  For example: if you have the $100 envelope, you might ask 4 other people to donate $20, and so among the group, you can donate $100 at just $20 each. If envelopes 1-100 are returned, the profit is just over $5,000, but if all 144 envelopes are returned, the profit is over $10,000! Any money collected above what is needed for Steubenville will go towards covering operating expenses for Life Teen, and/or the Parish. If you take an envelope but are unable to keep your commitment, you are simply asked to return the envelope to the board so someone else can take over that commitment. If you wish to commit to a higher amount than the envelope, you are certainly welcome to do that as well!

If you are interested in participating, you can visit our bulletin board in the Gathering Center, or contact Fr. Steve at