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Youth Minister                                            Fr. Stephen Paolino
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StAY Calendar of Events

Life Nights

"Life Nights" are at the heart of our activities.  They are held almost on a weekly basis on various nights.  Life Nights fall under two categories: Social and Issue.  Issue Life Nights are nights where we present on a particular topic of interest such as: our relationship with God, Stewardship, Scripture, Prayer, Morality, etc. Social Life Nights are nights when we have fun activities.  We try and vary the different kinds of Life Nights each month.


"Summit" Lectionary Discussion Group

Thursday evenings at 7:00-8:00 PM in the Gathering Center beginning September 8, 2016

This lectionary-based discipleship group is designed to help teenagers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Sacred Scripture and the Holy Mass.  We listen to the readings for the coming weekend and have discussions based on those readings.  Although it is best to make a regular commitment of attending "Summit", you may attend as many or as few times as you wish.

Lent 2017 Series: "The Promise"

What was it like to get sent out of the Garden? How hard was it to wait for the promised Messiah? What was it like to be a follower of Jesus during His Passion and Death? What does the Paschal Mystery mean in our lives today? From the beginning, God had a plan for our salvation. The people of the Old Testament knew God promised a savior but did not know when or how. They lacked trust and grew tired in the waiting and turned away. God never abandoned His people. He sent prophets and kings to tell them the savior was coming. Then, He sent His only Son, Jesus. However, the people rejected Him and did not believe He was actually the savior. They even sentenced Him to death but death was not the end. Jesus rose from the dead, and this not only gives us great hope and reconciliation with God but also a great responsibility to live our lives according to this hope.

"The Promise" immerses teens in these familiar narratives and offers the opportunity for teens to process these stories as real life experiences. Then, it challenges them to live lives of prayer and discipleship.


Part 1: “The Tree” (Creation & The Fall of Man); Tuesday, March 7th; 7:00 PM

 Part 2: “The Void” (The Nativity of Jesus); Wednesday, March 22nd; 7:00 PM

Part 3: “The Cross” (The Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus); Sunday, March 26th; 1:00 PM)

Part 4: “The Life” (Living the Paschal Mystery); Monday, April 3rd; 7:00 PM


Sunday Youth Mass

We will assist at the 2nd Sunday of each month at the 12 Noon Mass.   We are in need of members who can assist as altar servers, sacristans, lectors, ushers, and musicians/singers.  Please email Fr. Steve at if you are interested in serving in any of these roles.  Training will gladly be offered for anyone who has little or no experience!

Following the Mass, we will generally have a "Life Night" or other activity in the Gathering Center or School Library.  See the calendar above for specific dates and topics.


Service Projects

Throughout the academic year, we will have opportunities for service.  On the first Thursday of each month, we help at the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown for the Pottstown Cluster Dinner Service.  Please meet at the First Presbyterian Church at 4:45 PM on the First Thursday of each month if you are interested in helping serve.  The dinner service runs until approximately 6:00 PM. They are located at: 750 North Evans Street, Pottstown, PA.  Please check below for a schedule of other service projects.  These service project may count towards service hours required by your school!  Please check with your school administrator to ask if they can count.  We are happy to sign paperwork for school service hours!