They were not in the tent with the 70 who received the Spirit.  Yet, they received the Spirit.  “Stop them,” Joshua said.  “Why?” asked Moses.  “Would that all the people shared in the Spirit.” Some man was baptizing in the name of Jesus.  He was not one of the Twelve. “Stop him,” the Twelve said. “Why?” asked Jesus. “He is doing good work.”  We are graced to live in the age of the Spirit.  This wonderful time began when The Father and the Son sent the Spirit upon the world.  He is the Spirit of God; the action of God.  The Second Vatican Council taught that all who are open to God, who are following their consciences are themselves, in fact, members of the Church, saved by Jesus Christ.  Eldad and Medad were not in the tent.  But they were empowered by the Spirit.  Just as the Spirit empowers that husband who had been away from the Church for years, who mocked all things good and holy, but who, when he looked at his first born, said that he needed to change his life.  He returned and returns daily.  He continually asks forgiveness for the time he was away.  Now, he is leading his children to God.  The Spirit has given his life meaning and purpose.  Like Augustine he grieves, “Late have I loved thee.” And like Augustine he has learned that God never stopped loving him. Eldad and Medad may not be in the tent, but the Spirit still empowers them. Just as the Spirit empowers that woman who had two babies by two different men, and an abortion due to another man, and now, through bitter tears and daily repentance, has chosen God.  She works diligently caring for those who still tread the path of death she had been on.  The Spirit is present in the Church.  Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament.  But the Spirit is also present where we, foolish human beings with our feeble attempts to limit God’s power, least expect to find Him.  The men Eldad and Medad were also baptizing in Jesus’ name.  No one can harness the Spirit.  He is God, the action of Love that has been unleashed upon the world through the Gift of the Father and the Sacrifice of the Son.  We thank God today for the wonders of the Holy Spirit, in our lives, in St. Aloysius parish and in the world. 

AuthorCathy Remick