Beginning, last week we have been taking a five week break from the Gospel of Mark and spending time in the Gospel of John on the teachings of Jesus we call the Bread of Life.  Last week we read about the feeding of the 5,000 and what it could mean to us today.  Today’s Gospel is a continuation of the loaves and fishes story we began last week.  Jesus has fed the crowd and amazed them by His miracles.  After that miracle and a day of teaching, Jesus and the apostles went away across the lake to get a little rest and privacy, but the people who had witnessed the miracle went searching for Him and found Him on the other side of the lake.  Instead of being angry with them, Jesus continues to teach them.  He tells them first that it wasn’t the signs and miracles that attracted them, as much as the fact they were being fed.  He says that they should be less interested in filling their bellies with food  that quickly disappears, and instead, look for spiritual food, Jesus replies that all they must do is believe in the person God has sent.  It is in this context that Jesus is the bread of life.  God has sent Jesus with all the spiritual food that a person will need, so that Jesus Himself can be seen to be that food.  They then ask Him for signs so that they can believe in Him-even though He had just fed the 5,000! Jesus refers to the manna that God gave to the Israelites through Moses as a comparison but goes on to say that through Him , God is not only giving them bread for their bodies but bread for their souls as well.  And this is where I think it might be good for us to pause.  We, like those people who chased Jesus across the lake because of His wonderful miracles, have followed Him to Church today.  But do we know why?  Is it for something that will last or something that will fade away?  Actually, Jesus will give us both, but He longs for us to long for that which is eternal. 



AuthorCathy Remick