And so, it is Easter. Perhaps it seems to have arrived a little earlier than usual this year, maybe a bit too early for some of us but here it is, and here we are.  Once again.  It is amazing how we are, we human beings. We have an ability to get bored by just about anything eventually.  Don’t tell me it’s not true. Try to think of something that you have been given that after a while you haven’t gotten tired of. You know it’s true. It would be a very interesting little experiment to see if we can even remember the Christmas gifts we received just three months ago.  It is my theory that we can even get bored by a resurrection. I mean, you know, we hear about it all the time. We agree that it’s very nice and all that, and it’s kinda good that we are going to live forever, we guess, but it is kind of old news by now. Sure we come to Church every Easter Sunday and all that, but we know it’s not like we are going to hear anything new.  That, my friends is what any preacher is up against, just so you know. And so yes, it might be a little vain of me, but I actually try to do it, I try to say something that maybe my congregation hasn’t heard before; to give them a new perspective because I understand that pretty much all of us, eventually will get bored with pretty much everything. So I tried to come up with something that pretty much always stays new with us, something that will never bore us, something that truly never dies, so that we might better understand, Jesus’ Resurrection, so that we might truly be inspired by it. Wat I have come up with is this: Sacrificial love never dies.  Hopefully, we have been the recipient of true sacrificial love from someone. If we have been, than we know that that kind of love never ever dies. It is eternal. By the same token, if we have ever loved any one sacrificially, we know that it never dies. To love sacrificially is to love eternally. The Resurrected Jesus is the embodiment of sacrificial love.  His entire life was a life conceived in sacrificial love and lived in sacrificial.  Such a life cannot die. That’s what the Resurrection is about. That’s what it is. For us to share in eternal life means that we live a life of sacrificial love. We will never be bored because it never dies.

AuthorCathy Remick